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Reinventing London’s Housing for 2050

May 2017

Living and working in the London housing market it is hard not to be acutely aware of the challenges the sector is facing around increasing disparity in supply and demand, the poor performance of existing buildings, and social isolation. The situation is critical and seems to be only getting worse.

As part of this year’s Green Sky Thinking 2017, organised by Open City, we set a challenge for some of our regular collaborators to consider how they might tackle some of the challenges faced by London’s housing market in an integrated and innovative way. The results have blown us away. The teams who entered thoroughly embraced the opportunities afforded by the brief and between them came up with a fantastic array of exciting and inspiring solutions to integrate space-efficient residential apartments over, under, beside and within existing buildings and infrastructure across the city.

You can find a gallery below, which showcases the great work done by the 14 teams who entered.

Some of the submissions were light-hearted, some a little more dystopian; integration with transport infrastructure was a popular component of many solutions, as were modularity and prefabrication; some of the ideas proposed could be implemented right now, some were more suited to a further evolved London. All of the ideas demonstrated incredible imagination and originality, as well as the significant time and effort needed to create them.

Needless to say, we’re incredibly grateful to all the architectural teams who so enthusiastically responded to the challenge. Look out for another blog later this week with some detail on the winners, judges thinking and where we plan to take things from here.


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