Operational Performance

Monitoring the actual energy performance of buildings is essential to operating them efficiently. Through collection and analysis of detailed metered data, areas of energy waste can be identified and appropriate action taken. Monitoring non-energy-related performance is also important for managing water use, tracking waste, monitoring comfort conditions and measuring occupant satisfaction.

Our team includes experts in Building Performance Evaluation (BPE) experienced in assisting building owners to optimise the performance of their properties. We use the latest techniques to measure and analyse data collected, benchmark the performance of buildings against industry standards and make comparisons to their competitors.

We have carried out monitoring of buildings that we have designed, which is useful for the building tenants and allows us to validate our design predictions and correct commissioning problems. We also carry out independent Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE). Examples of such work are the Technology Strategy Board-funded BPE studies, with the aim to improve and measure operational performance and provide an important feedback mechanism for design and construction teams, allowing the industry to learn from the performance of buildings in use.