Manon Dangelser Sustainability Consultant

Manon joined XCO2 in September 2017 as junior Sustainability Consultant and is working as Intermediate consultant since June 2019. She has a wide experience in sustainable building design across the hospitality, residential and commercial sectors and manage projects of different scales across the UK. She also worked on early design guidance for international projects.

Manon believes in open communication and a collaborative approach between disciplines. She encourages interactions between all team members to create a robust design from early stages.

She specialises in energy modelling, sustainability strategies, flood risk and SuDS design.

Manon has a civil engineering background (MEng) and is a graduate from Imperial College London with a MSc in Structural Steel Design and Sustainable development. Her one-year experience on construction sites gives her a realistic approach to projects and she enjoys finding energy efficient systems that are both cost-effective and easy to implement, as practicality is key.

Manon has a strong interest in green buildings, urban planning and low carbon design. She wants to influence urban development worldwide to create greener cities, and help manage efficiently resources to mitigate climate change and preserve biodiversity.