Tom Gwyn Principal Electrical Engineer

Tom joined the team in 2011 and has worked across most parts of our business: building physics, environmental assessments, energy consultancy and M&E engineering.  His role in the M&E team has been to lead the electrical design on various projects with experience across residential, commercial and hospitality sectors. Tom has now relocated to XCO2’s Singapore studio to apply his broad experience to design and consultancy on projects in the SE Asia region.

Tom’s interest in sustainable design and energy began with a Master of Physics degree. His passion lies in the energy performance in buildings and in particular, linking efficient electrical infrastructure with new renewable or efficient technologies.

Tom is active in the industry, regularly attending lectures and conferences and speaking at and chairing industry expert groups. He was a key member of the CIBSE Young Energy Performance Group, undertaking the position of Chairman in 2015/16, and was part of the Institution of Engineering and Technology expert group in 2014/16 that delivered a Code of Practice on Connected Buildings.