Health Impact Assessments

The London Plan, The National Planning Policy Framework and various local plans all mention Health Impact Assessments (HIA) and these studies are fast becoming requirements for planning submission. Our service is typically undertaken at planning stage when various other planning reports are being undertaken such as ecology, energy, community engagement and transport in order to accurately assess the development and present the most up to date plans and impacts to the community.

The assessment is undertaken on a borough to borough basis and is broken down into 11 categories; housing quality and design; access to healthcare services and other social infrastructure; access to open space and nature; air quality, noise, and neighbourhood amenities; accessibility and active travel; crime reduction and community safety; access to healthy food; access to work and training; social cohesion and neighbourhoods; minimising the use of resources; and climate change.

Our environmental teams conduct research into each category with emphasis placed on available health care, education, open and green spaces, availability of transport and community demographics to determine whether the area can continue to provide a healthy living space for the proposed development and the existing residents.