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Reinventing London’s Housing for 2050 The Winners

May 2017

By now most of you will know the winners of our Reinventing London's Housing for 2050 mini-design competition that we ran for Open City's Green Sky Thinking Week 2017, as ...

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Reinventing London’s Housing for 2050

May 2017

Living and working in the London housing market it is hard not to be acutely aware of the challenges the sector is facing around increasing disparity in supply and demand, ...

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A Healthy Debate: FITWEL vs WELL

April 2017

With a new certification available to certify buildings in the Health and Wellbeing space, FITWEL is being branded ‘WELL-Lite’.  XCO2 investigate FITWEL, the latest Health and Wellbeing standard: is it ...