Sustainability Certification

We see certification as a result of a strong sustainability strategy, not just the end goal. We have a proven record in LEED, BREEAM, CEEQUAL, Passivhaus and WELL certification services for a wide range of building typologies.


We have vast experience in relation to carrying out an array of different BREEAM assessments across various sectors, and are able to understand how each building type needs a bespoke strategy that suits building functionality and the needs of the end users. Early engagement in the project process with BREEAM is key in the success of certification and we believe in working collaboratively with the team from the very beginning of the project through to construction and handover


XCO2 is able to provide a full LEED accredited professional for all types of buildings.




Passivhaus is an international voluntary energy and comfort standard, designed to deliver buildings with high levels of comfort and indoor air quality, with very low energy demand. It is based on a rigorous methodology and criteria developed by the Passivhaus Institut in Germany and its principles can be applied to residential and non-residential buildings, existing and new build.

A key distinction of Passivhaus is the quality assurance methodology of the design and construction process that ensure the buildings will deliver the expected high energy and comfort performance, closing the performance gap. This means that they require meticulous design and specialties coordination to ensure a high level of design and performance.