Circular Economy

A circular economy, as opposed to a linear economy, is one where materials are retained in use at their highest value for as long as possible and are then re-used or recycled, leaving a minimum of residual waste. Promoting a circular economy is key to reduce waste during demolition, construction and operation and enabling opportunities for disassembly and recoverability of materials at the end of life of the building.

The emerging London Plan has included a requirement for applicants to provide a Circular Economy Statement for all referable projects, this should be submitted at pre-app, planning application and post-construction stage.

Our services include:

  • Circular Economy Statements for projects located in London, compliant with the latest guidance published by the GLA.
  • Circular economy strategy for projects that aim to be netzero waste.
  • Guidance on adopting circular economy principles through the conservation of resources, designing out waste and manage waste sustainably and at the highest value.