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Green Sky Thinking 2016

April 2016

One year on from the 2015 General Election and we’ve seen the scrapping of zero carbon, reductions in renewable subsidies and the end of Green Deal. A policy and funding gap now exists but what should fill it? operational performance targets? devolution of environmental planning targets? and what happens if the ‘Brexit’ goes ahead?

XCO2 hosted a panel debate as part of the Open City Green Sky Thinking week.  An expert panel of policy influencers and building professionals took part in a lively debate chaired by XCO2’s Andy Love.  The panel included:

  • Alistair Harper – Head of Politics, Green Alliance
  • Paul Fletcher – Strategic Futurist, Through
  • Judit Kimpian – Director of Sustainable Architecture and Research, AHR
  • Mat Colmer – Built Environment Specialist, Digital Catapult
  • Sarah Ratcliffe – Programme Director, Better Buildings Partnership

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