Environmental & services engineering from concept to operation

XCO2 is a specialist low-carbon consultancy providing innovative, quantifiable and implementable sustainability solutions that add value to and reduce the environmental impact of building and masterplan developments.

We do this by collaborating with architects and teams to integrate efficiency into the design, using technology to quantify and develop our solutions and by clearly communicating our proposals to allow client to make informed decisions. Our team has a flexible approach and gives each and every project their undivided attention.

Since 2008, XCO2’s team of MEP Engineers, Energy Consultants and Architects has successfully delivered high performance projects in over 30 countries.

MEP Engineering

We approach MEP with a mindset of collaboration, flexibility and fresh thinking. The XCO2 team includes both experienced MEP design engineers and industry-leading energy consultants who work together to integrate low carbon and renewable energy systems with building services systems on projects of all sizes, from single buildings to large master plan developments.

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Environmental Design

Through extensive knowledge of environmental design principles, climate analyses and detailed computer modelling, we guide design teams working on building and masterplan projects towards the optimum strategy for efficient design, helping them achieve their sustainability goals in a cost-effective manner.

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We offer feasibility studies, options appraisal, system design and project management for energy efficiency and low-carbon and renewable energy installations on both pre-planning and full-project engagements.

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Our approach to sustainability in the built environment is one that considers energy, water, waste, materials and other environmental impacts as related components of a broader strategy which regards waste as a potential resource, and also tackles the social and economic implications of development

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Operational Performance

Monitoring the actual energy performance of buildings is essential to operating them efficiently.  Using the latest techniques, our experienced team of BPE experts assists building owners in optimising the performance of their properties, identifying areas of energy waste as well as non-energy-related performance.


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Daylight and Rights to Light

Whether it be simulating daylight levels in an internal space or modelling the impact of a new building on neighbouring properties XCO2 are experienced at optimising new developments with respect to daylight, sunlight and overshadowing.

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Wind and Microclimate

Man-made and natural features shape the site’s microclimate and how buildings and external spaces perform, therefore being an important consideration in the design process.

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Air Quality

XCO2 provides support to project teams with air quality assessments for planning applications in London and elsewhere in the UK.

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