We offer feasibility studies, options appraisal, system design and project management for energy efficiency and low-carbon and renewable energy installations on both pre-planning and full-project engagements.

Our strategies for new developments and existing buildings start with demand reduction measures and detailed load assessments. We assess not only energy quantity but quality, and carefully match demand with renewable energy generation estimates, storage requirements and traditional energy sources. Low-carbon energy networks are often developed as a means to balance loads and maximise carbon savings and financial returns. At the building scale, the energy supply is integrated with efficient system and passive design strategies.

Through this integrated approach, we help future-proof developments in a landscape of changing energy prices, legislation and market demands, towards a post-carbon economy.

Part L and EPC

UK Building Regulations assessments, simulations and energy labelling.

Thermal Bridging and Condensation Analysis

Design guidance and detailed modelling for the development of construction details to maximise thermal performance and reduce condensation risks.

Lifecycle Assessments

Cradle-to-grave assessment of energy and CO2 emissions for new and existing buildings and novel construction systems, with comparison with baseline scenarios.

Overheating Assessments

Detailed dynamic thermal modelling of buildings taking into account future climate scenarios, to assist design teams in determining future risks to occupancy comfort.