Our team can now enjoy taking a Friday off every fortnight.

At XCO2, we have always had a forward-thinking approach to our working schedule and the past 18 months have made us reflect further on the importance of health, family and a work-life balance. As we slowly transition back to normality, our working schedule has also evolved and our team can now enjoy taking a Friday off every fortnight, without impacting salaries or holidays, whilst being able to work from home 2 days a week and go into the office 3 days a week. Staff will take turns on Fridays off, so our clients and collaborators will still be able to reach us.

We believe that having 9-day fortnights will encourage enthusiasm, creativity and will have a positive impact on our staff’s wellbeing. Trials have taken place in various countries with overwhelming success showing that productivity have remained the same or improved in the majority of workplaces. It has been reported that employees feel less stressed and at risk of burnout, whilst their health and work-life balance had improved significantly (Autonomy 2021). Studies have shown that a shorter work week also has environmental benefits and could cut the UK’s carbon footprint by 127 million tonnes per year by 2025 (Platform London 2021). XCO2 are always looking for ways to keep moving forward and strive for continuous improvement for our team and within our industry.