One year on from the 2015 General Election and we’ve seen the scrapping of zero carbon, reductions in renewable subsidies and the end of Green Deal. A policy and funding gap now exists but what should fill it? operational performance targets? devolution of environmental planning targets? and what happens if the ‘Brexit’ goes ahead?

XCO2 hosted a panel debate as part of the Open City Green Sky Thinking week.  An expert panel of policy influencers and building professionals took part in a lively debate chaired by XCO2’s Andy Love.  The panel included:

  • Alistair Harper – Head of Politics, Green Alliance
  • Paul Fletcher – Strategic Futurist, Through
  • Judit Kimpian – Director of Sustainable Architecture and Research, AHR
  • Mat Colmer – Built Environment Specialist, Digital Catapult
  • Sarah Ratcliffe – Programme Director, Better Buildings Partnership

Tags  Zero Carbon  EU Policy