On 12-16 June, Louise Wille will take part in PedElle, a women’s only charity cycling challenge organised by Club Peloton.

This year’s three-day ride will take riders through 450km of Poland’s hilly landscape and rich cultural heritage, starting in Krakow and finishing in Warsaw, with daily climbs of around 2,000m.

Now in its 11th year, PedElle has raised well over £500,000 to date. The funds support Club Peloton’s variety of incredible projects aimed at transforming the lives of young people. Beyond fundraising, PedElle fosters a healthy networking space for women across the built environment.

In preparation for the challenge, Louise has been training hard, and recently participated in the RideLondon-Essex 100, completing an impressive 100 miles in a single day.

Even a small donation to this cause can have a huge impact on Club Peloton’s brilliant projects. To donate, visit Louise’s sponsorship page.