In May 2010 Innovate UK began an £8m funding programme of Building Performance Evaluation (BPE) studies for new buildings in the UK. In total 101 in-depth post occupancy studies were completed on a range of domestic and non-domestic building types, with the aim of identifying the extent and contributing factors to the “Performance Gap”. Members of the XCO2 team acted as expert evaluators, overseeing the programme outputs and providing skilled advice to project teams.

XCO2 provided expert guidance to a number of innovative buildings including: a Passivhaus community centre, a grade II* listed council office with modernist extension, a City of London office skyscraper, a 172 multi residential development designed to the One Planet Living standard and a Code Level 5 eco-community.

The studies involved project team’s collecting design and in-use operational data in order to assess performance aspects such as energy, CO2, comfort and occupant satisfaction. The findings from the Programme are now freely available on the Building Data Exchange website and highlight the value of integrating a comprehensive feedback mechanism into the construction industry. A goal that XCO2  actively strive for on all our projects.