A review of Hyatt’s current sustainability standards and provision of a Sustainability Road Map illustrating how sustainability considerations should be incorporated from the start of and throughout the design and construction process.

An outline energy strategy and an outline materials and wellbeing strategy, which provides recommendations on design considerations to achieve sustainability at Hyatt developments, was also produced.

By taking a forward-looking approach to sustainability, Hyatt can strive to
accomplish the following:

  • Reduce energy costs to mitigate against energy price rises as well as our carbon footprint.
  • Drive towards zero carbon by improving energy efficiency on site, obtaining energy from low/zero carbon sources and generating renewable energy on-site where possible.
  • Develop and protect reputation in areas where there are environmental and sustainability concerns. Gain a positive reputation as a leading sustainability conscious company.
  • Adapt and evolve to incorporate climate change adaptation within all hotels to protect against rising temperatures and increased risk of extreme weather events.
  • Enhanced occupant satisfaction and greater health and wellbeing of staff and guests.
  • Align with Hyatt’s purpose to Care for People so They Can Be Their Best.