Occupying an area of over 71,000m2, the LAAX Ski Village Masterplan is a ski and tourism complex at Chong Li Province, approximately 220 km northwest of Beijing. The ski village will form part of the proposed venue for snow sports in Beijing’s 2022 Winter Olympics plan, and will incorporate a hotel, youth hostel, sports centre and other supporting services such as F&B and retail.

XCO2 were appointed as the energy and sustainability consultants for this scheme at concept design stage, working with P.A.C. to develop a masterplan that maximises the potential of the microclimate and natural resources available at the site through implementation of bioclimatic design and integration of low and zero-carbon technologies into the development.

We have also carried out daylight, insolation and wind modelling, of which the results have influenced building positions, solar shading and landscape design. As part of the Environmental Design scope, we generated building efficiency and design guidelines based on dynamic thermal modelling undertaken for selected buildings – the masterplan’s energy consumption is expected to be 30% lower than the average development in the Chong Li region.