Situated on a narrow site between two waterways, Tottenham Lock and Pymmes Brook, the Lock Keepers development will provide 13 new apartments and 875sqm of commercial space, including workspace and a café. The site is heavily overlooked by the towers to the east and west, but benefits from long views both north and south along the River Lee.

XCO2 completed a range of planning services for the scheme, which was granted planning permission by Haringey Council in August 2020, including non-compliance energy modelling to minimise the impact on neighbouring properties with regards to daylight and sunlight levels, as well as to mitigate overheating and ensure occupant comfort.

XCO2 also worked on the air quality assessment, Stage 2 M&E design, and energy and sustainability strategies.

Key sustainability features include photovoltaic panels for renewable electricy generation, blue and green roofs, and enhanced biodiversity though planting, rainwater attenuation and habitat generation. The design also allows for a future connection to the Hale Village energy centre, which will be fuelled by recycled woodchip.

The scheme was shortlisted for an NLA Award 2020.