XCO2 were employed by the client in association with Geoklock to assist in the expansion project of Natura’s factory in its headquarters of Cajamar. The aim of our work was to propose and test design solutions for the expansion and the existing plant through environmental modelling, to reduce the energy consumption of the building at the same time as achieving a high number of energy credits through simulation for a potential future LEED certification.

Our work began with a detailed analysis of the climate and local microclimate as well as the buildings’ uses and energy generation, followed by detailed proposals for improvement of the building fabric, services and natural cooling and lighting.

Subsequently, the proposals were tested through advanced thermal and daylight modelling software using dynamic thermal simulation, to determine potential savings.

Finally we carried out a detailed cost-benefit analysis for each proposal to allow the client to make decisions on the measures. Overall, our proposals achieve a 21% reduction on chiller loads and a 28% reduction on electricity costs.