One of several life cycle assessments (LCA) that XCO2 is completing for SEGRO’s industrial portfolio in the UK. The LCA for SEGRO Rainham comprises three units and external areas within SEGRO’s park in Essex.

Advice given to reduce embodied carbon included: increased percentage of recycled content in concrete mix of the ground floor slabs; increased recycled content in structural steel; specification of a prestressed concrete hollow deck; use of alternative ‘eco’ asphalt product and improving service life of asphalt; and increased percentage of cement replacement within concrete from 10% to 40%.

A reduction of 8% was achieved in the calculation of the business units, whilst external areas were reduced by 29%.

XCO2 were also tasked with ensuring the design complies with the principles of the WELL Building Standard, through a comprehensive GAP analysis, enabling a future tenant to pursue full certification if required.