Located on Phú Quốc island and recognised as part of the global biosphere reserve by UNESCO, the Rach Tram Resort is an international example of sustainable masterplanning, with the aim of setting new standards for integrated economic, environmental and social development.

XCO2 were appointed by Cityland to provide environmental design services for the eco-tourism site which allocates 70 hectares of land for residential development and 100 hectares of tourism development, and includes a central commercial hub and leisure facilities.

The sustainability strategy encompasses a closely linked supply chain for the area, in which the fishing activities, associated tourism, and existing local community will play a substantial role in an integrated approach which will influence environmental standards and local environmental education. The elimination of negative environmental impacts is being pursued through the integration of efficient design into the masterplan and at the individual building level, in order to significantly reduce energy consumption and future-proof the development.

Additionally, renewable energy technologies such as photovoltaics, solar thermal, wind, biogas and CHP/CCHP, will be used to further reduce the development’s impact and strive for an excellent international benchmark.