XCO2 were appointed by Eden Project Group to develop a sustainable engineering strategy for their new site in the north of England. The aim was to get as close to a sustainable closed-loop system for energy, water and waste as possible whilst also championing innovative technologies.

A review of suitable and innovative technologies was undertaken in order to develop a strategy for meeting the project’s ambitious targets, which included: net zero operational CO2 emissions, net zero municipal water use and zero operational waste to landfill. The review categorised each technology using a feasibility matrix comparing each system against a number of factors, including: level of maturity, site suitability, capital cost, delivery risk, socio-economic value, supply chain etc. This allowed the project team to make an informed decision when selecting the key components of the Eden North, energy, water and waste strategy.

The energy, water and waste strategies, which have progressed forward to the next design stage, go beyond carbon neutrality, address socio-economic challenges within the local area and aspire to achieve closed-loop systems. Beyond energy, water and waste XCO2 also developed a strategy for the building systems to become part of the learning experience. Pioneering technologies will be showcased, parts of the building services will be on display and AR and gamification are to be used to educate visitors about climate change and resource consumption.