The Panglao Shores masterplan development overlooks the Mindanao Sea and includes retail and commercial areas, residential villages, hotels, international resorts, a beach club and the South Palms Resort, on the popular tourist destination island of Panglao in Bohol. Situated in the Central Visayas region, Bohol is the tenth largest island of the Philippines. The site is currently home to the existing South Palms Resort, the proposed development will expand the existing resort with the masterplan scheme, boosting the region’s tourist facilities and infrastructure to cater for the prosperous industry. The total development area is over 57 hectares, and is being designed with the inclusion of cutting edge sustainability measures in line with the international environmental standards and an awareness of competitive advantage.

From the outset, protection of the existing local environment and community engagement were core principles of Panglao Shores. The masterplan engages with the community on avoiding single-use plastics, providing free water refill stations, promoting sustainable fishing and local produce, sustainable transport and live displays monitoring environmental metrics, to be integrated within the new amenities.

To support these, XCO2 are also taking a holistic approach on sustainable services and infrastructure. The water strategy moves towards a closed-loop system with maximised rainwater capture and treatment of wastewater for reuse. A forward-thinking energy strategy aims to minimise energy use through passive design, working with the architects to create comfortable naturally ventilated buildings, and focusing on the incorporation of low and zero carbon renewable technologies.

Key innovative solutions proposed for the project include: water bottling and mineralisation, on-site rainwater collection and water/wastewater treatment, passive cooling measures, solar thermal and heat pumps, on-site and off-site photovoltaics arrays and the use of local supply chain and low embodied carbon materials.