XCO2 was part of a multi-disciplinary team for this innovative competition by the JTC Corporation in Singapore. The competition required the three shortlisted teams to reimagine and prepare the Yishun Industrial site for adoption of industry 4.0.

To align with Singapore’s 2030 sustainability targets, XCO2 developed a comprehensive strategy to manage energy, water and waste within the masterplan. The scheme also incorporated circular economy framework to drive the capture and reuse of waste within the development.

Working closely with the masterplanners, our engineers developed an infrastructure design that incorporated a high efficiency district cooling system which utilised captured rain and storm water to reduce potable water demand. The strategy explored the technical feasibility for a waste heat connection to a nearby thermal electricity plant, which would deliver low-carbon cooling and domestic hot water to the development.

The scheme included extensive on-site solar photovoltaic arrays that could meet up to 10% of park’s energy demand. Buildings would adopt passive design strategies to improve thermal comfort and drive down energy and cooling consumption.

XCO2 consultants proposed a blockchain system to track and manage waste streams from the commercial, industrial and residential sectors of the masterplan. The system would underpin a waste materials market, which if implemented would facilitate a circular economy within the Yishun site.