XCO2 were engaged by Melco Resorts and Entertainment to support establishing a sustainability roadmap for their operational portfolio.

The first step of this was to undertake a comprehensive review of the most relevant, currently available global sustainability certification standards for both the city-integrated resorts and the those standards that could implemented at an organisational level. This study provided a holistic appreciation of the relative benefits and suitability of the various standards for Melco based on our understanding of Melco’s business model and sustainability aspirations. The outcome was to facilitate the decision making process in relation to the preferred certification standard(s) to be deployed going forwards across Melco’s resort portfolio and at a company level.

The second component of our work was to undertake a sustainability audit of Melco’s existing properties in Macau and Manila to better understand the current energy and water consumption, and waste generation.

These audits combined site visits, interviews, review of system design and operation along with development of efficiency and enhancement measures to improve upon the current performance. For each site a roadmap was set out, which detailed the sequencing and implementation of the proposed efficiency and enhancement measures as well as performance measurement and verification mechanisms.

One of the key opportunity areas was the potential to enhance the existing sub-metering infrastructure and associated performance monitoring. Working with the site teams we have subsequently undertaken a detailed review to enhance the current metering strategy and provide an improved quality of energy end-use breakdown.

XCO2 continue to work with Melco’s Sustainability and Property Services teams supporting the benchmarking, measurement and verification process that accompanies the deployment the various efficiency and enhancement measures.