XCO2 were the energy and sustainability consultants for this new town masterplan, alongside an international team of consultants. Its goal is to become a world class, multi-seasonal, fully integrated, international resort city, a project of unprecedented scale and scope. XCO2 developed the energy and environmental strategy and oversaw the sustainability-related actions from other disciplines.

Energy efficiency initiatives are usually associated with savings in operational costs, after an initial investment. However, this project shows that capital costs savings can also be achieved, reducing or even cancelling the initial investment required.

Our clients, master-developers for the scheme, are in charge of implementing the infrastructure for the whole city, based on the demand generated by the sub-developers’ plots and buildings. Building efficiency and design guidelines will be provided to the sub-developers, acting as local authority efficiency standards. Through those guidelines, which XCO2 generated based on detailed dynamic thermal modelling, the city’s buildings are expected to be consuming 30% less energy on average. As a result, operational costs for sub-developers will be reduced, but capital costs reductions will take place as well, since the infrastructure demand will be cut.