Wild Coast Tented Lodge is a 36-tent safari camp located on the edge of Yala National Park, in the south of Sri Lanka. Its organic architecture integrates seamlessly into the site, which comprises dryland forests that merge into the rugged sandy coastline overlooking the Indian Ocean. The five-star eco-resort is designed to give visitors an intimate experience of Yala, celebrating the flora, fauna and culture of the area with minimal intrusion on the landscape. The development is based on Nomadic Resort’s Looper tents.

The ambition to minimise environmental impact and the isolated nature of the site demanded a locally-focused, sustainable approach to the entire project. Solar panels on the roofs of the back-of-house spaces produce up to 40% of the camp’s energy needs.

Food waste is processed in a gas digester producing biogas for the kitchen and grey water is recycled for watering the gardens. Heat recovery from the air-conditioning units is used for water heating in the Loopers.

XCO2’s role was integral to the design of the Loopers, with detailed dynamic simulation and CFD modelling to establish the environmental design strategy for the units, and a detailed energy, water and waste strategy for the resort which development into an efficient MEP solution, reducing operational costs and environmental impacts on this sensitive location.